S7E12: “These Boots Were Made For Stalking” ǀ Radio Rosewood

April 29, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 12: "These Boots Were Made For Stalking" Recap, Review & Theories

Two episodes down, just eight more to go! This episode moved the various plots along nicely, but I can't say that too much happened. 


Still wondering...  

Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?  

Who is A.D.?  

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Is there another twin we don't know about? 

Did Mary have any other children? 

What do you think? Leave your theories in the comments! 


Links I mentioned in this episode...  

Alison has a key to Spencer's barn? 

Alison Clues by Episode - "These Boots Were Made For Stalking" - Tumblr user uberaalison has gone episode by episode to find clues that Alison is Uber A. I love reading these posts, and it's amazing if you look at just how many clues and plot holes point to Alison as Uber A. This particular post talks about how strange it is that Alison has a key to Spencer's barn, (among other things) and how quickly that was glazed over. These theories make you think! 

Alison is A.D. Theory - video by Youtuber Rosewoodspoiler PLL. This is worth watching the entire thing. I know it's long, but it's one of most inclusive theories I've seen! 


And one more thing... 

Before I started my radiorosewood tumblr, I used my seizethesparkle tumblr to post Pretty Little Liars theories and liveblogs. There's a lot of theories and something I called PLL Ramblings that you'll likely see here. Although I've changed my mind about parts of this theory, (it's still my favorite!) I would love to mix it with the Alison is A.D. theory above, along with some other little tidbits I've got floating around. 


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