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May 6, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 13: "Hold Your Piece" Recap, Review & Theories

This time, it's Hanna's turn at the game. Spencer hangs with Detective Furey. Emily and Aria track Sydney down and find that she's working for Jenna who we know is working for A.D. Caleb gets hurt when he's examining the game board. We say goodbye to Yvonne.


Still wondering...  

Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? - According to the previews for next week's episode, "Power PlAy," we will be finding out the answer to this questions from S4E24: "A is for Answers." She was killed when someone switched her blood pressure pills. 

Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?  

Who is A.D.?  

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Is there another twin we don't know about? 

Did Mary have any other children? 

What do you think? Leave your theories in the comments! 


Links I mentioned in this episode...  

The incredible Lucas is A.D. theory from Tumblr user tremolux, "Darkness Rising." And if you missed it, here's the original Lucas is A theory from Season 5 that's absolutely brilliant as well.  

I did go back and watch the beginning of the episode again, and the timing of the Hanna doll versus Lucas coming to the loft to talk about the meeting is very interesting. She casually asks how meeting for drinks turned into a formal meeting with Lucas' investors, and this is while the doll is under the sheet in the loft. Hmmm. Tremolux just might be on to something here.



Here's a link to my Spencer isn't really Spencer theory if you want to add your thoughts. 


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