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May 13, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 14: "Power Play" Recap, Review & Theories

What’s fun for A.D. was not fun for Alison DiLaurentis is this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. Fan theories came to life as we learned the exact nature of Ali’s pregnancy. Paige and Emily shared a moment. Spencer confronted her father about Mary Drake. Hanna ran into Ted and learned some disturbing news. And last but not least, Nicole might be gone, but A.D. has Aria headed down a dark path.


Still wondering...  

Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Mary Drake! Which we sort of already saw coming. According to Peter Hastings, Mary asked him to help her kill Jessica. He refused, so she framed him for the murder. 

Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?  

Who is A.D.?  

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Is there another twin we don't know about? 

Did Mary have any other children? 

Will we ever learn more about Bethany Young?

What's in Aria's file? 

Did Jessica and Mary switch places? 

What do you think? Leave your theories in the comments! 


Links I mentioned in this episode...  

Tumblr user Trustnoone-a crafted this amazing theory. It tackles a lot of unanswered questions in a pretty satisfying way. It adds Wren into the game, something that many fans have theorized. This one also accounts for Charlotte, adds in a twin for Spencer and closes the book on the Bethany mystery. 



The new details revealed in this episode sparked a ton of new fan theories, which is so exciting. We haven't gotten a lot of these kinds of reveals lately! And it's also a little bittersweet with only 6 episodes left, even if the finale is 2 hours. 

I've been reading a lot of theories suggesting a twin switch between Mary and Jessica. I could see it, and I think it would add a lot to the plot, especially if we get that reveal prior to the last episode. 

The more I think about it though, the more I'm liking the Spencer isn't really Spencer theory. That's a reveal that would make viewers mad a first, but I think if we never knew the real Spencer as I suggest in my theory, it would soften the blow a little. It also would mirror the books really well. 


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