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June 3, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 16: "The Glove The Rocks The Cradle" Recap, Review & Theories

Spencer’s mistakes come back to haunt her – and the others. Dark Aria continues to spiral. Hanna takes another turn at the game and finds herself defending a longtime friend. Emily surprised Alison with a nursery for the baby, only to have AD’s newest minion trash it. Mona fights to be part of the group. Ezra finally gets his priorities straight. The girls confront Lucas and discover the truth behind Arcturus the Protector. And last but not least, it looks like a happy ending for Emison. 


Still wondering...  

Who is A.D.? The real Charles DiLaurentis, Spencer’s Twin, or Alison’s Twin. And the twin would be the real Bethany Young. As far as the body in the grave… I’m thinking that could be explained away just like the remains in the barrel.

Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? I’m thinking it was either the real Charles DiLaurentis or Bethany Young (which would be someone’s twin.) Unless Charlotte is actually alive. That could be possible. 

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Who has the twin… Alison or Spencer?

Did Mary have any other children? 

Is Jessica DiLaurentis pretending to be Mary Drake?

What is in Aria’s file? Looks like I was right on this one, but I wanted to add something. I had previously thought that it was all about just the affair. But I’m thinking Aria wrote a report that told everything, including how Ezra was writing the book about Alison and how he knew who she was (and how old she was) when they met. Not only would he probably go to jail, the report would probably ruin his career as an author. 

When will Wren be back?

Caleb came back from fishing… where’s Toby?!? While I like that Marco is actually taking his job at Rosewood PD seriously, I miss Officer Toby. Hope he comes back soon.

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Mentioned in this episode...

Here’s the closeup of the Arcturus graphic novel. Tumblr user prettylittlesessions posted the photos submitted from focusedonthepoint. The page depicts a woman taking her place by Arcturus’ side as Arcturus shows her the command center. Which reminds me of the command center Mona busted the Liars out of in Game Over Charles. I have to wonder if the woman represents CeCe, and her job was to trap the girls at The Radley so AD could blow it up and kill everyone. Then just about everything backfired. 


Freeform Suspect Tracker

#1: Mystery 42%

#2: Lucas 17%

#3: Wren 8%



I’m still thinking that Spencer could have a twin. I like the fact that Marco is actually investigating her for Rollins’ murder, because I think he might be the one to figure it out. Or at least reveal to the audience that he figured it out before Shadow/Twincer/Spencerietta kills him. I wouldn’t bet the farm on him lasting until the end.

What’s your favorite theory?


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