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June 16, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 18: "Choose or Lose" Recap, Review & Theories

The Liars found out about Aria’s deception, thanks to Mona. Rosewood P.D. closed in on the girls, led by the return of Detective Tanner. Alison surprised Emily at the kissing rock. Aria finally told Ezra the truth. Spencer reunited with Toby, but something felt off. Hanna and Caleb tied the knot.


Still wondering...  

Who is A.D.?

Who killed Charlotte? I know the previews make it seem like it was Mona. I could honestly see that. Most of the liars thought that in the first place. But because it’s so obvious makes me think it’s not that simple. It also doesn’t make her A.D.

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Who has the twin… Alison or Spencer? Leaning more towards Spencer this week. The change of clothing and just the whole weirdness of that scene with Toby. Yep.

Did Mary have any other children? Probably Spencer’s twin.  

Is Jessica DiLaurentis pretending to be Mary Drake? Because of what I’ve seen in the sneak peek, I’m thinking no.

When will Wren be back?

The whole Charles thing… I had a thought while I was recording this episode. What if CeCe Drake just invented a story to get away with everything that she had done? I think it’s possible that she was really Bethany Young, and made all of that up. In this scenario, Charles would’ve been very real, but his story ended when he died at Radley. I think they might discover a body when they go digging at Aunt Carol’s and start unraveling the truth. But you know, it’s PLL, so maybe not.

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Mentioned in this episode...

Freeform Suspect Tracker

#1: Mystery 47%

#2: Lucas 12%

#3: Paige 9%

#4: Wren 7%

#5: Melissa 7%


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