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June 24, 2017

PLL Season 7, Episode 19: "Farewell My Lovely" Recap, Review & Theories

Aria almost turned herself in for Dunhill’s murder, but his body went missing. Emily and Alison were still going strong, spending lots of time at home on the couch and getting gassed by A.D. All the liars decided that Mona was A.D., so Caleb and Hanna went to stake out her apartment and followed her to The Two Crows Diner. Mary Drake took the fall for Dunhill’s murder, and we found out who killed Charlotte and how that all transpired. A.D. ended the episode driving off into a sunset… but with a Ziploc baggie containing the figures of the girls. Game, not over.

Still wondering...  

Who is A.D.?

Who killed Charlotte? Mona, just not how we thought. But we still don’t know if she staged the death, or if someone else did that part.  

Who will make it to the end of the Season 7? 

Who has the twin… Alison or Spencer? I’m still thinking Spencer, but they could still throw the Alison twin in there.  

Did Mary have any other children? Spencer’s twin if she has one.   

Is Jessica DiLaurentis pretending to be Mary Drake? No. I don’t think that Jessica D. would’ve taken the fall for anyone, let alone Spencer. I think we can put that one to bed.  

When will Wren be back? Next week! Shooting a gun, too.

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Mentioned in this episode...

Tumblr user Pretty Little Sessions had a cool theory about the snow and the falling snowglobe. While I don’t think I would like them writing off any large part of the season as a dream, or only happening inside someone’s head, the theory is still really cool.


Freeform Suspect Tracker

#1: Mystery 47%

#2: Lucas 11%

#3: Paige 9%

#4: Wren 7%

#5: Melissa 7%


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